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In a world where mainstream fashion often overlooks the values and beliefs of millions of Muslims and new reverts, there's a growing need for a brand that not only speaks to their style preferences but also resonates with their ethos and values.  

At Arabian Tailor, we understand the importance of clothing as a reflection of identity and faith. 

Our mission is to bridge this gap by offering a diverse range of garments that meet the highest standards of quality and style and embrace the cultural and religious significance that clothing holds for our community.  

With Arabian Tailor, you don't just wear fashion—you wear your beliefs. 


As our reputation for excellence grew, so did our horizons. In pursuit of new opportunities and a desire to share our heritage with a global audience, Arabian Tailor made its mark in the vibrant of the United Kingdom.  

From humble beginnings to a renowned brand, our journey has been defined by a dedication to honoring tradition while embracing Thobes' innovation. 


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29 Henley Street,
United Kingdom

Phone : +44 7784 298454

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